Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Maharashtriya Pangat

A good caterer allows one to relax and enjoy the celebration. Here is Girish Ketkar of Ketkar Caterers checking with each and every person in the pangat. Well done!

When we decided to get married AC and I were very clear we wanted to host separate receptions. We did not want any clashes in cultures. Until someone commented, "What's a union if both the sides don't get to meet each other. 

After which we simply started looking for a hall that would be convenient for everyone to attend and for us to host it. We chose a Parsi heritage hall. He had already made up his mind that his catering will be done by Tanaz Godiwala, menu post to follow. It was obvious that the Parsi Bhonu would be Non veg with Non veg starters. We finally decided we wanted everything in our reception to stand for our union, a mixed marriage of Parsi and Maharashtriya. I wore a Gara to the Civil ceremony. So in the reception I walked in a Paithani and changed into a French lace white saree to show my acceptance of my husband's Parsi culture. 

I was still looking for someone good for the Maharashtriya menu and since majority of my family is veg we decided to have a Veg Menu and Veg starters. Out of the blue came a recommendation by Dr. Mohsina Mukadam, anthropologist and food historian and who can ignore that kind of a reco. I trust her sensibilities for they are much like my own. She insisted I try Ketkar Caterers, she also mentioned that his matar karanji is to die for. I went to meet him, after a quick brief about what I wanted; he waved a magic wand and saw me off with hot samosas and Dalimbi Usal packed for home.

That tasting got him our reception catering and yes Matar Karanji had to be on my menu. When I told him I wanted a pangat he was thrilled. He would be doing a pangat after a long time. He almost called me a revivalist. A pangat is a traditional Maharashtriya sit down meal where servers coax you to eat till you burst. Its the 'agraha' that makes all the difference, he said. I knew I had trusted my reception catering in good hands. We agreed on a traditional Maharshtriya menu that everyone would love. 

Love they did, both the Parsis and the Maharashtriya! Proof is in seeing.

There was a counter serving shev puri and masti chaat which drew the crowd, it always does, doesn't it?

That was my keli cha paan or banana leaf meal. A few things are missing on it like the chutney, pickle etc.

The Maharashtriya Keli cha paan had :

  1. Matar Karanji - Peas in pastry crescents ***** I gobbled up quite a few, flaky crusty and delicious totally!
  2. Kothimbir vadi - Cilantro savory fried cakes **** Crisp on the outside and soft inside, just as it should be.
  3. Dalimbi Usal -Vaal / field bean in coconut curry) *** I would have loved this to be thicker in consistency.
  4. Bharli Vangi - stuffed baby brinjals **** These babies were good.
  5. Sukki Batata bhaaji - dry yellow potato bhaaji **** Dependable always, nice hinga-mohri podni.
  6. Puri  and phulka- fried bread and flat bread ****
  7. Steamed rice ****
  8. Varan - yellow dal *****
  9. Masale bhaat- Maharashtriya pulao **** 
  10. Sol kadhi - Indica garcinia coconut milk curry ***** This was a total hit!
  11. Kesar Mewa Shrikhanda- thick yogurt based sweet with saffron and dryfruits ***** Thick, lickable and loaded with nuts.
  12. Gulpoli - a jaggery and chickpea dough stuffed flatbread **** Its a rare appearance on wedding menus and many guests flipped over it.
  13. Chana chaat 
  14. koshimbir- Maharashtriya salad
  15. Ghee, lime, stuffed n fried green chilies, pickle, papad, green chutney
  16. and Pista Kulphi to close.
I have rated each dish and the 5* are my most favorite.

And we finally sat down for the meal. Exhausted and too tired to eat. We just tasted the food and wished it was someone else's pangat we were sitting at so we could have relished slowly. Its really not possible to enjoy in your own wedding reception when all you want to do is rest after a long day and anxiety.

The Food was fabulous and the service was lovely too. Thanks to Girish Ketkar of Ketkar Caterers. Anyone booking his catering please invite me so I can enjoy his food in a relaxed mood.

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