Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Contest 1 : Cookbooks and Food books

There are cookbooks and there are food books. Whats the difference? Cookbooks have recipes whereas food books tell stories starring food as a central theme.

I was never a cookbook collector. I cook a lot from the internet as it is so easy to search. I just Google for a recipe and there are scores of recipes with pictures and sometimes step-wise pictorials too. I mostly give away other books and novels I buy and have finished reading.

But cookbooks are reference books so they stay. Also cookbooks have curated recipes so lesser chance of failure in the kitchen. The one which is yellow and torn in the picture above is "Annapoorna" by Mangala Barve, it is the only one I had until couple of years ago. What you see here is my collection in the last 2-3 years, some are gifts from cookbook author's like Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal  and Saee Koranne-Khandekar and other friends, some I bought recently and a few booklets that came with appliances which I added to my kitchen over the years. The square book on the top left is the Desi Health Bites ebook that includes two recipes contributed by me.

In the picture above there is one that is not a cookbook, which one is it?

Since this is a contest, there has to be a prize!

Leave your answer in the comments on this post.

1. The first three correct answers will be chosen winners.

2. Pick any ONE product of your choice from the AnnaParabrahma Eshop and mention it in the comment along with the answer.

This giveaway can be shipped to any address in India. Which means you can answer the quiz from any location and request to ship to you or your family or friend anywhere in India.

3. Also tell us which is your favorite cookbook or food book and bring back the conversations to this blog.

4. Contest is open until midnight IST, 7th July 2015.

Have fun while you play and win!

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